Comfort Application


Vayhan Air Handling Units for comfort application aims at creation of good indoor climate through maintaining indoor air quality.  It finds its applications in IT parks, Public Buildings, Shopping Malls, Food Courts, Hospitality Industry, Industrial Buildings, Entertainment Centers etc.

AHU for Comfort application basically focuses on cost effective product and its installation and maintenance and basic designing of the system.  In a nut shell these air management systems featured with good system efficiency with the optimum design, least operational cost and trouble free performance.  These units are completely customized to understanding user requirements and constraints in totality.

Apart from basic air conditioning, there are with options like energy recovery through provision of enthalpy recovery wheels, reduced noise levels with direct driven plug fans with standard motors and EC motors energy efficiencies and low operational costs.

These units come with standard 25 mm thick cabinet with consistent polyurethane foam injected insulation aiming at minimizing heat loss and noise reduction.  Optional cabinet of 45 mm thick standard and thermal break constructions.    Units are generally designed for a static starting from 10 mmWG to 85 mm WG pressures.

These units are with blowers, forward curved/ backward curved centrifugal fans and Plug fan with IE2  and IE 3 efficient standard motors and IE 4 efficient EC motors.

Chilled water cooling coils, Direct expansion refrigerant coils and VRF accustomed DX coils of 2/ 4/ 6 and 8.   row deep.   Copper Tube header diameter options of ½ inch to 3/8 inch and fin spacing of 12 fpi & 10 fpi. 

Filtration levels from MERV 5 to MERV 15 can be incorporated in these units in single or double levels to ensure required levels of indoor air purification.