Clean Room Application

Vayhan Air Handling Units for Clean Room  application features, sustainable yet flexible design, low leak cabinets at higher static pressures like 150 to 200 mm WG.  These units are with diverse functions and generally with long cabinets.  These are efficiently designed for controlled atmospheres in the service areas with high precisions.  It finds its applications in Drug and Pharmaceutical Production Houses, Hospitals,  Industrial establishments etc.

These units are generally with improved filtration  with more than one and starting from 20 mic to 0.3 micron level in several stages and modular construction.  They come under single tier and wherever there is space constraint double tier constructions.  

These units are with there are with options like energy recovery through provision of enthalpy recovery wheels, direct driven plug fans with standard motors and EC motors for energy efficiencies and low operational costs.

These units come with standard 25 mm thick cabinet with consistent polyurethane foam injected insulation aiming at minimizing heat loss and noise reduction.  Optional cabinet of 45 mm thick standard and thermal break constructions.  Unlike comfort air conditioning, these units are with complete care of handling higher static pressure.  As critical module placement of these AHU is mostly in the discharge side, utmost care is taken for ensuring no leakages in discharge sections.

These units are with blowers, forward curved/ backward curved centrifugal fans and Plug fan with IE2  and IE 3 efficient standard motors and IE 4 efficient EC motors. 

Level of filtration plays key role  in these units and therefore the filtration levels of  20 / 10/  5/ 3/ 2/ 1/ 0.3 mcrions are available to ensure the desired indoor controlled climate conditions of these service areas and further for mandate cleanroom conditions as per the statutory authority certifications of drugs and pharma industry.  In special filtration requirements use of ULPA filters of filtration levels , 0.12 Micron down to an efficiency of 99.999% can be adopted.  Apart from this Use of UV lamps, PHI cells can also be incorporated for special requirements.

Chilled water cooling coils, Direct expansion refrigerant coils and VRF accustomed DX coils , Hot water coils and steam coils options available.  Alternatively coils of CuNi and SS tube coils also can be supplied for special requirements of customers. Coil Row deep starting from  2/ 4/ 6 and 8.  Copper Tube header diameter options of ½ inch to 3/8 inch and fin spacing of 12 fpi & 10 fpi.  Alternatively for Heating coils, Electrical heaters of suitable capacity can be given in the units for necessary indoor climate moisture control requirements of service areas.